7 Cringey and Shameful Events That Ever Happened Live on Camera

It is extremely simple to share information in the world of social media. Information can now be shared in a variety of formats, including videos and audio. We used to have only radio, TV, and newspapers as options, but those are no longer the only ones. Furthermore, information, to some degree, travels at a faster pace nowadays, so a mishap caught on live TV or on camera can spread and go viral in a matter of seconds.

We compiled a list of the most shocking things that ever happened in front of the camera and were captured on live television in the hopes that they would not happen to anyone else. Number 5 will catch you off guard.

The Chase of OJ Simpson

They always say that if a suspect flees, he or she is guilty in some way. So, what can we say about OJ Simpson? Lawyers worked hard to obtain a warrant for him, and when law enforcement arrived at his home, he led them on a low-speed car chase on the LA freeway. Although he was not driving, his associate Al Cowlings was. They were pursued by police for more than two houses before giving up and agreeing to be taken into custody.

The Wrong Winner Announced on TV

This isn’t anything new. During the Miss Universe pageant, Steve Harvey made this error. However, a similar gaffe was made during the 2017 Academy Awards, this time by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. They claimed that La La Land won Best Picture, but it was actually Moonlight. La La Land had already accepted their award, but it had to be revoked in front of the entire world. Even though many people were dissatisfied that day, they still credited and praised Moonlight.

The Cape Canaveral Incident

NASA, the United States’ space agency, has made investments in space exploration. The Space Shuttle Challenger program, in which people were sent into space, was one of their projects. Christa McAuliffe was supposed to be the first teacher in space, but unfortunately, the rocket caught fire just 73 seconds after launch, killing everyone on board the Challenger. It was a happy event that turned tragic in less than a minute.

Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are nothing new; they happen to even the most famous celebrities. Accidents do happen, regardless of how much care is taken to prevent them. For Janet Jackson, however, it was a huge degree of disappointment because the incident occurred during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, which was the most-watched event of the year. Her leather top ripped, exposing her for a few moments.

The Landing On The Moon

Many people believe that the moon landing never happened and that it was staged in a studio. It was a heartbreaking moment for those who witnessed the events of 1969. Everyone felt as if they had walked on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite when Neil Armstrong became the first man to do so. More than 600 million people watched it on television, while those without electricity heard or read about it later in the news.

Samuel L Jackson aka Laurence Fishburne

We all know that Samuel L Jackson’s face appears in almost every Hollywood film, and people instantly recognize him. This was not the case for one reporter, Sam Rubin, who misidentified him during an interview as Laurence Fishburne. Rubin questioned Jackson about his Super Bowl commercial, despite the fact that he had not appeared in any that year and was instead out to promote Robocop. The actor did not let it go unnoticed, and while visibly irritated, he called the reporter out on his error.

Phoenix Helicopter Crash

Car chases are popular among Americans, and when one occurs, news organizations spend a portion of their investment money to deploy helicopters to follow the chase. The crew of a helicopter in Phoenix, Arizona, was not so fortunate; they all died while broadcasting live after their helicopter was forced to land.

There are more of these moments on TV, and they are well worth watching.