Treasures In Your Toy Box: Toys That Are Now Worth Fortune

Cabbage Patch Kid

To some degree, we all possess the makings of a parental figure, one who loves to take care of someone. Of course, the development of this feat has to start somewhere, and most of the time, its roots can be found in childhood. Such is most especially the case for those who enjoyed playing with dolls when they were kids.

Toy stores have sold numerous adorable stuffed dolls over the years. One of the earlier dolls to grace the market was the Cabbage Patch Kids. While newer models have been made in recent years, there’s no denying that the earlier ones still have some charm – not to mention fortune. Initially created as a hand-stitched sculpture before getting an upgrade and entering the market in 1984, these Cabbage Patch Kids were sold for $40. Nowadays, though, these older dolls have escalated in value: you could sell them for as much as $1,000.